Thursday, January 25, 2018

Mug Rug

Hello Krafters!!

I hope the new year has been good to you and your family so far. I have to admit, we are just a few weeks into the year and it has been a lot of twists and turns already! I am hopeful this year is going to be great despite how it started! It is all about the finish!

Today, I wanted to share a new found krafting love I have. Embroidering has become a comfort to me. I love the sound of the machine and seeing the design come to life! Aside from the embroidering, being able to create a project In the Hoop (ITH) is amazing! A simple project I did was an ITH Mug Rug. What is a mug rug you ask? It is a coaster for your mugs. I found a rug mug design for free on Oma’s Place. She has great detailed step-by-step instructions which makes this project even more enjoyable. For this project, you will need a 5x7 hoop or larger. 

The first thing is to bring your design to the program. For this one, I used the Futura software to use with the Singer Embroidery machine (I have a video on YouTube showing how to transfer files to the machine). The design is blank and I wanted to add a phrase to it. I pasted the design on to the mug rug which is also a design from Oma’s Place (a video is to come on how to use multiple designs on one project).

Next, follow the instructions as written. I like to use painter’s tape to hold down my fabric as I am constructing the rug mug. Once the final step was completed, I use Steam A Seam to close the mug rug once it is flipped to the correct side. I skipped the step to add it in the beginning. One thing I will change in the future is to change the closure. Ironing the final project helps it to look neat and flat. 

This can make a great personalized gift. Just add a matching mug, coffee or tea!

I hope you enjoyed today’s project! Until next time! Krafthead~


Solid color fabric
Pattern fabric
Fusible Fleece or batting
Steam a Seam or Heat and Bond
Embroidery thread
Tear-a-way stabilizer
Embroidery machine with a 5x7 hoop or larger

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy 2018

Hello Krafters!

I know I have been MIA for most of the year, but I had to come on and wish each of you a very Happy New Year! I hope the new year brings you so much joy!

I don't do resolutions, but I will be posting more often here and on YouTube. I can't wait to share some projects with you! Until then, be safe! Krafthead~

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Cricut Maker

Hello Krafters!!

I know it has been a long time since I posted, but I have been creating! As many of you know, Provocraft has released their newest Cricut called the Maker (they also released the Easy Press and the Bright Pad). What sets this machine apart from the Explore and other machines is the ability to cut fabrics without backing AND using a rotary blade! How cool is that? To add, it will also be able to cut 2.4mm of wood using the knife blade once available. This blade is to be released later this year (originally in Oct but has been pushed back to a later date-sigh). I personally cannot wait until it does…oh the projects I have in mind!

Ok, back to the rotary blade and being able to cut fabric without backing. A few years ago, I made an ornament out of felt that turned out adorable. I remember having to use Stiffey to get the felt stabilized to cut in my machine. With the Maker, you bypass Stiffey and fusing! It cuts felt out beautifully! One thing I noticed is the force to cut is a tad high and it will leave grooves and fabric pieces on you mat. It has been said, for regular fabric, leave the threads on and DO NOT scrape the pink fabric mat. However, with felt, it leaves a lot of fibers. I used a lint roller and it cleaned the mat perfectly. I read others used transfer tape and that was successful as well.

A couple of issues I have with the Maker is replacement rotary blades are not available yet. According to Cricut, the blade will last a long time if we only cut fabric. The second is the knife blade. It was not available at release…which was a little disappointing but not a reason for me not to want it. As I stated earlier, the blade was set to release in Oct. I read the release date has been pushed back due to modifications to the blade. My hope is that it will be available in plenty of time to do Christmas gifts.

Even with those two issues, the Maker is an awesome machine! HSN will have the Maker and a few “goodies” to go along with it on October 3rd. If you like Anna Griffin (I’m sure she will have exclusive content and fabrics), make sure to tune in.

Below is the first cut:

Placed all of my pieces on the mat according to the color they would be cut. Elmo was cut at approx. 2". Look at how well the eyes cut (FYI, Cricut does not recommend cutting smaller than 3/4" when using the rotary blade) Once all of the pieces were cut, I used fabric glue..which exploded on my project LOL. I was really impressed with the cutting and can see a lot of fun projects in my stay tuned! Krafthead~

Friday, February 3, 2017

Altered Dress and Laser Tool

Hi Krafters!

Last week, my second daughter was in a tap dancing competition! I had the task of altering her team’s dresses…NOT sure how that came to be especially considering I am not a seamstress LOL. Basically I needed to add another layer to the bottom of the dress to make it a little longer. Here is a before picture:

As you can see, it had three layers. When I finished, it had four! Here is the finished product:

I was pleasantly surprised it was seamless and no one could tell it was altered!

To help me achieve the look, I went to Hobby Lobby and purchased the same Polyester Lining fabric.  Here is my product plug. I recently purchased the Laser Square Tool by WRMK! What I love about the tool is it does not have to be used for paper craft only! I took one side off and used as a guide to help keep my cuts straight. This allowed all of the layers to be uniformed for each dress! I can see myself using the Laser Tool A LOT! I recommend it! 

Photo of the Laser Tool on fabric:

Anywho, I used fabric glue first to set the layer instead of pinning it to reinforce, and then stitched the seam.

All eight dresses were done in no time…and of course I was asked to do this task at the last minute!!

That is it! I just wanted to check in and give the tool by WRMK a plug and to let you all know I am creating! Krafthead~